Benelli Performance Super Black Eagle II Turkey Ed Semi-Auto Shotgun 10113, 12 Gauge, 24″ EDM Ported, 3-1/2″ Chmbr, APG HD


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Performance Shop Benelli Super Black Eagle II (SBEII) turkey gun, made to team up with Federal’s Heavyweight Turkey Load, is in the woods. This ultra-reliable, Inertia Driven® semi-auto turkey shotgun provides tight, uniform patterns at long range with reduced felt recoil and fast-handling reliability. Custom enhancements include polishing of the action to promote smoother, cleaner, ultra-reliable shot cycling, and the setting of the trigger to break at 3.5 pounds. An extra-full, custom extended turkey choke tube, when coupled with a Benelli Crio® barrel, produces tight, uniform patterns for those extra-long-distance shots.

Benelli’s Performance Shop SBE II Turkey Edition Crio® barrel also features a lengthened forcing cone polished to a mirror finish to provide consistent, uniform patterns, lessen felt recoil and prevent wad buildup for cleaner-shooting barrels. The barrels on these turkey shotguns are ported with an electrical discharge machine (EDM), which burns instead of drilling holes, to prevent burring. The SBEII comes fitted with a Burris® FastFire™ sight that’s been sighted-in and point-of-impact tested using a state-of-the-art computerized pattern analysis program. No other gunmaker goes to these lengths in testing, guaranteeing the Benelli Performance Shop SBE II Turkey Edition is the ultimate turkey gun on the market.