Benelli Vinci Supersport ComforTech Plus Semi-Auto Shotgun BN10590, 12 Guage, 30″, 3″ Chmbr, Carbon Fiber Stock, Ported


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The Benelli SuperSport and Sport II are the ultimate choice for a fast 12-gauge shotgun or 20-gauge shotgun for sporting clays. These two Benelli shotguns are truly “speed guns.” The SuperSport’s ComforTech® recoil-dampening system allows the shooter to recover for the critical second shot up to 69% faster than with other comparable shotguns! Couple the quick recovery speed with a ported barrel that keeps muzzle climb to a minimum and it’s doubly fast. And the ComforTech®system’s special gel recoil pad and comb insert reduce felt recoil by up to 48% compared to the competition.